HIRAGANA TIMES「トピックス」に紹介されました

日英バイリンガル誌「HIRAGANA TIMES(ひらがなタイムズ)」の「トピックス」に、日本舞踊のぬりえが紹介されました。


日本舞踊のぬりえ Japanese Dance Coloring Book

A “Japanese Dance Coloring Book”, which allows readers to learn about Japanese dance while coloring in pictures, has been released.Japanese dance originated with the traditional performing art of kabuki . From the many routines available, 12 were selected to be included in this book. Each is accompained by a simple explanation in Japanese along with an English translation. Color samples are included, allowing the reader to get a sense of the traditional color palate while coloring in the drawings. 1,000 yen (including sales tax).


購入前にウェブサイトで内容が確認できる https://nihonbuyou-nurie.com/download/

購入サイト https://nihonbuyou.base.ec/


HIRAGANA TIMES((ひらがなタイムズ))



The monthly magazine that introduces the real Japan to the world, in English and Japanese

Hiragana Times introduces the real Japan to non-Japanese by looking at Japan as an attractive, unique town in the global village. Inside Hiragana Times, the world of Japan becomes reality, and one can experience the cultural frontier between Japan and the rest of the world. Hiragana Times has been published since 1986 and has readers in more than 100 countries. Readers are mainly in their 20s and 30s, but the number of middle-aged and elderly readers has been rapidly increasing in recent years.

Hiragana Times is a truly unique magazine in which you can study language while learning about Japan. Each Japanese paragraph is followed by its English translation or vice versa, and furigana are placed below each kanji to make Japanese study even easier.Digital version provides audio.